Free From Pneumonia

August 18, 2019 on sunday morning, the day after the 74th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia Save the Children launched the Stop Childhood Pneumonia campaign. The tagline Merdeka dari Pneumonia or “Free from Pneumonia” was used to link with Independence day momentum

The event was held in the old town square in front of the  National Fatahillah Museum of Jakarta, to symbolize the ancientness of Pneumonia as a disease that is still killing children in this era. Besides the usual crowd who come to the square on Sunday morning, we also had participants from Ministry of Health staffs, the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), the Bandung District Health Service, runners, bloggers & vlogers, scouts from Saka Bakti Husada, college students, CSO representatives, and the media.

We had a live radio talkshow that was relayed to 100 radio stations in 22 provinces, and also live streaming through our social media channels ( Selina shared a story of children in our areas who survived and also one that did not survve because the parents and healthworkes not being able to recognize  the danger signs, and why Save the Children is launching this Campaign. Director for Infectious Disease of MOH talked about how to prevent it through Protection-Prevention-Treatment and the Director of Family Health of MOH shared the role of families to prevent children from getting sick. We also had a public figure talk about the role of fathers in ensuring child health, and a paediatrician describing about symptomps and how to prevent pneumonia

We also talked with Blogger Community Founder Ani Berta and runner community, Rudi Rohmansyah who shared stories about their support for STOP Pneumonia.

The public in the old city area and invited guests could show their support by signing on a five-finger board and take photos with STOP Pneumonia signage at the photo booth that we provided.

The STOP Pneumonia campaign launch was made “official” by everyone who was at the event blowing the whistle as a sign of support for healthy lungs for children and prevented from pneumonia.

As a follow up of the launch, there will be  series of media placements for PSA on radio stations twice a day for 20 days and PSA videos on the commuterline once  a day for 15 days. The public is also invited to participate in the STOP Pneumonia writing and vlog competition (

STOP Pnuemonia tagline:

S – ASI eksklusif enam bulan, yang ditambah MPASI sampai 2 tahun.

(Exclusive breastfeeding for six months, with complementary feeding  up to 2 years)

TTuntaskan imunisasi untuk anak.

(Complete immunizations for children.)

OObati ke fasilitas kesehatan jika anak sakit.

(Take a sick child to health facility)

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