Collaboration to Prevent Childhood Pneumonia

2020 – Lessons from Field

Indonesia is one of the three countries that have made good progress among the 30 countries that have a high burden of pneumonia in the world, namely having an under-five mortality rate due to pneumonia of 4/1000 live births in 2018, close to the global target of 3/1000 live births in 2025.

To support the Indonesian government’s program in protecting, preventing and treating pneumonia under five, Save the Children Indonesia is running the STOP Pneumonia campaign program 2019-2021. The focus of the STOP Pneumonia campaign program is to increase awareness aimed at changing the behavior of the target public through an integrated approach to managing pneumonia in children under five by protecting, preventing and treating.

This Case Study is a variety of stories, government policies, experiences, activities, knowledge in efforts of protection, prevention and treatment of childhood pneumonia through collaboration from various parties: the vice president’s palace, two ministries, experts, celebrities, social organizations, media , students, bloggers, cso, provincial and district level government, health workers and the role of family, especially fathers.

STOP Pneumonia Campaign program is supported by SCUK, SCHK and SCUS in consultation on the development of a support campaign from Pfizer.


STOP Pneumonia team:
Tata Sudrajat, Erwin Simangunsong, Harimawan Latif, Patricia Norimarna,
Dudy Hidajat, Riska Farina Amalia, Halimatul Abkoriyah, Wahdini Hakim,
Hanna Koedji Wadoe, Coraima Okfriani
Story Writer: Dudy Hidajat | Creative: Harimawan Latif

#stoppneumonia #berpihakpadaanak #ProtectAGeneration

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